What is FreeDNS

1984 Hosting Company invites you to use the Company's name servers free of charge. We offer you a easy to use web interface for this purpose.

We provide this service for free, without any guarantees or obligations on your or our part. You register a user on the 1984 home page and after that you can use FreeDNS for your domains. You will have full control over any domain you register to the FreeDNS service. It's all for free.

What this means is that you can host the actual web sites with any hosting company, you don't need to buy any service from 1984 to use FreeDNS.

HOWEVER we hope that you consider 1984 Hosting Company for hosting, that's how we make our living and how we keep FreeDNS free.

We are proud to offer great hosting services for individuals and companies. We offer web hosting and mail hosting services and strive to ensure the best security and the highest quality.

We would welcome your business here at 1984 Hosting Company. We urge you to include our offering when you compare quality and prices of services, we are sure that our offerings are quite competitive.

FreeDNS features

Currently available
A records
AAAA records
CAA records
CNAME records
MX records
SRV records
TXT records
SSHFP records
TLSA records
Web redirects
Dynamic DNS
On the forever growing todo list
PTR/Reverse Zones Wanted/Desired
API for Let's Encrypt authentication Wanted/Desired